History of the farm

From 1903 to today – the Mazoll family

The first records of the Rofenhof were made in 1314. It has been owned by the Mazoll family since 1903.

Irmgard and Walter Mazoll (Christian’s parents) took over running the farm in 1977. In the early years, it was extremely difficult to manage the farm without electricity, access roads and mechanisation. Small investments were made over the years to ease the farm work. We were able to offer farm holidays for the first time in 2000. Christian and his wife Daniela took over the farm in 2007. Since then the Rofenhof has constantly evolved. Today, the Rofenhof has about 6 hectares of meadow, 2 hectares of fruit trees and 36 hectares of forest to produce the wood for the farm’s own wood chip plant.

History of the farm

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