Body, mountains and soul in harmony

A Finnish sauna, an organic sauna and an infrared cabin await you in our sauna area.

Finnish sauna

The high temperature (80–90°C) and low humidity of the Finnish sauna stimulates circulation and also helps with detoxification. It also cares for the skin and strengthens the immune system.

Body, mountains and soul in harmony Body, mountains and soul in harmony Body, mountains and soul in harmony

Organic sauna

The organic sauna 50–60° is a gentle version of the Finnish sauna. In comparison to the Finnish sauna, the room temperature only reaches approx. 55 °C and the humidity is considerably higher. The organic sauna has a health-promoting and skin-caring effect.

Infrared cabin

Infrared cabins are an alternative to the classic sauna. Instead of heating the air around your body, infrared light warms your body. Heat penetrating the body creates a pleasant feeling of warmth.

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